1:1 YOGA


Private Yoga is preffered by many people, as you can develop your own pratice in your own time and within your own space. Whether you want to perfect your own practice with a deeper level of guidance or you need private assistance from a therapeutic point of view, private 1:1 Yoga can set you nicely on your journey.

Yoga "Therapy" can help to treat the symptoms of a physical, psychological, and physiological disorders such as:


* Backache/ joint pain/ arthritis;

* Digestive problems;

* Menstrual problems;

* Respiratory problems;

* Poor circulation;

* High/low blood pressure;

* Addictive disorders;

* Stress related disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression and bi-polar. 


After a thorough consultation a 'yoga plan' will be devised. This will start with focussed 1:1 sessions, allowing the individual to go at their own pace, without haste or distraction. The client will also be provided with a weekly program to follow (whilst allowing some flexibility, as the aim is to gently integrate yoga into the weekly schedule).


The client will also be provided with various self help techniques and additional information to help improve the client's overall health, encouraging the bodys own healing process. 


The Yoga-Plan will be created according to the client's desired outcome, ability, commitment, and time scale, in order to be easily managed with every day life.


Please email if this is of interest to you- I can work within your own home or can hire private spaces.