Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is a traditional form of massage, which has been practiced since around 3000 BC, where the benefits of massage were first acknowledged in China. Today, massage is practiced all over the world.


In many Eastern countries such as China, and India, it is very much a way of life and fully integrated into everyday health and well-being, and seen as prevention of illness and disorder.


Massage has now been well recognised in the West, and is a very popular tool for the treatment of various physical, skeletal, nervous and physiological disorders.


With careful manipulation of the muscles and body tissues, using stretching, kneading, hacking, wringing and percussion, the therapist is able to adapt a treatment suited to to the clients individual needs.


Massage improves:


* The health and elasticity of the muscles and the skin

* Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic

* Aids detoxification 

* Eases the build up of tensions and adhesions

* Improves mobility

* Reduces stress and promotes relaxation