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Rupert and Pip: Yoga           Adventures! 


So I've recently been embarking on a new and exciting project, something quite different this time- writing children's books!

For myself, and many others I'm sure, Yoga and Meditation is a life changing tool. A beautiful gift, that helps us all to navigate our way through the transitions of life. No matter what happens, Yoga is always there, waiting for our return, to provide a sense of comfort, relief, ease, connection, and understanding. Children most certainly need this equally as much as us adults, if not more. The interchangeable challenges that children regularly face, can create confusion about the world and what they are experiencing. Teaching Children Yoga and Mindfulness, encourages them to adopt the same skills that we use ourselves. Providing them with clarity, understanding, compassion, feelings of joy and vibrancy, and much more. Together, with small steps, we can plant the seeds of self care, and help our darling little ones onto a journey of Yoga.

Rupert and Pip: Yoga Adventures is moving towards becoming a series, and even becoming a brand. Our future vision is to have a selection of books, each with a different theme, that help children to navigate and understand some of the tricky areas of life. Not only will we have books, but we have posters of our 'strong Salutation' sequence, and there are future plans of games, card games and more. All revolving around the beautiful philosophy of Yoga and Mindfulness.

The first book "Triumphing the Bullies!" is now ready! And is available for to buy WORLDWIDE through various platforms. If your overseas- go to, search Rupert and Pip. If your UK based, visit our official site at YOGA POSTERS are available too. 


The book is aimed at 3-8 years, and will guide the readers through young Rupert's dilemma with bullying. Rupert turns to Yoga for guidance and inner wisdom. The book can be read as a stand alone book, or there is opportunity for readers to participate in a yoga sequence, as well as some calming meditation. 


Keep an eye out for book number two: "Lets go ECO!" which is currently in production! (were excited already). 


We would love to hear your feedback- feel free to drop a message to, or follow us on @rupert_and_pip_yoga  :-) 


With Love and Namaste, 


Joyce and Hannah.



Written By: Joyce Hutchinson, (

Illustrated by: Hannah Worsley (

We are full of excitement, and can't wait to see what unfolds. We would love for you to join us on this journey...


Namaste X

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10 % of Rupert and Pip profits go to children's charities!