Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique. Pronounced “Ray” “Key”. 


Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”, which is the “energy” that surrounds us at all times. “Rei” can be translated as meaning “transcendental passage” and “Ki” translates to “life energy”.


We all hold the ability to be in-tune with our own life energy within ourselves, as well as the universal life energy that surrounds us.


Stress, whether it be physical or mental, results in a depletion of this vital energy within our bodies. This energy is what maintains health and harmony within the body and encourages the body to heal naturally. A Reiki treatment helps to raise the individual's “life force energy” by passing energy through the hands of the healer to the client.


Reiki is a gentle, non invasive, approach, which can be either hands-on or hands off, depending on the preference of the client.



To some, the practice of Reiki is still misunderstood or not accepted, but when you have experienced the benefits, it is clear how powerfully healing this technique can be. Reiki is highly effective for bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit, and can be used to treat various stress-related psychological issues, as well as physical.