Reflexology is a technique that originated from the ancient Egyptians. Since then, it has become quite a technical and powerful approach to the treatment of various issues. 


Reflexology helps to harmoniously bring balance within the body and mind, encouraging the flow of inner energy. 


It works on the feet, hands and ankles alone, by applying pressure and massage to various reflex/pressure points which are said to correspond to different organs and parts of the body. Manipulating the pressure points on the feet/ hands encourages the flow of pranic/chi energy within the body, helping the body to heal itself and to restore health.



Reflexology is very effective for: 

* Stress and nervous relief 

* Aiding hormonal balance

* The relief of insomnia and sleep disorders

* The final trimeseter of pregnancy (encouraging hormonal function)

* Assisting fertility treatment

* Generally mproving the function of various systems within the body.