Clinic and Care Home Bookings. 


I am extremely passionate about the healing benefits of both yoga and Holistic Therapy and hope to encourage the healthcare system to utilise these practices as much as possible, to help individuals to cope with various disorders. I have completed the Yoga Campus "Yoga for mental Health Basics" short course. 



Therapeutic touch alone has a beautifuly healiing effect on the body and the mind. 



Currently, I provide holistic therapy to adults with Learning Disability and Autism, within the care home setting. Therapy is provided seated, or on a portable massage table, depending on the service user. 

For all clinic or care home bookings, a "LOW COST" service is provided. 


For all of my practices, I am available to work for/ within: 

* Gp Clinics

* Hospitals 

* Care-homes

* Residential Homes

* Mental Health and Psychiatric Units

* Health centres

* Disabilty and Learning disabilty centers

* Rehabilitation centres

* or any establishment where complementary therapy may be of assistance.