About whats going on for YOU


*Are YOU feeling overwhelmed and stressed with life? 


* Do you have the feeling that everything is too much to cope with? 


* Are you feeling anxious? 


* Are you suffering with low mood/ depression? 


* Do you suffer with panic attacks? 


* Are you feeling overly tired/ lethargic and have a lack of energy? 


* Are you having sleep problems/ trouble falling asleep? 


* Do you feel overly irritable and find it hard to relax? 


* Do you suffer with some kind of physical pain? 


* Do you feel hormonal? 


* Are you towards the end of your 3rd trimester in pregnancy? 


* Are you looking for a HEALTHY mind and body? 



If you do answer YES to any of the questions above, Zenaida Health will be able to provide you with some relief and will help YOU to COPE better with life's difficulties. 



"In this Universe, Life is a dance. Allow the dance to flow. Allow yourelf to be. Allow others. After all, we are all dancing to the same song  "Uni (one), "verse" (song)".